Behind The Scenes

How Our Rugs Are Made

Handcrafted by artisan partners in India, our rug collection is made with 100% wool.

1. It All Starts Here.

Enter the Chief Dying Master. After the yarn is thoroughly washed, he uses a combination of fresh water, steam and AZO free metal complex dyes to color the yarn. Over the next 7 hours, the Chief keeps a keen eye at every stage to ensure the exact color.

2. Sunshine. A natural ingredient.

Once the color is perfect, it’s off to the “charkha”, a manual spinning wheel, and then the sun gets to work and dries and sets the yarn. At the same time, the stencils get started. The design of the rug is traced and hand-drawn and then perforated manually with needles to prep the stencil for tufting.

3. Tuft. Tuft. Tuft. Repeat.

'Tufting' is an ancient method of creating rugs & garments wherein strips of cloths, threads or yarns are pushed through a base material. Artisans use a tufting gun to help them guide the yarn into the design. It takes a skilled artisan over 3 days to finish one 8’ x 10’ rug.

4. Back to the sun!

The completely tufted rug is stretched over a loom and a cotton mesh is applied to the back side. It’s back to the sun for drying and now the rug is complete. The edges are bound and off to the final step.

5. Quality Check

The rugs are reviewed and have a final cleaning before its ready to ship. A Sheering machine is used to pick up the loose unwanted threads and particles of yarn and edges are perfected. The rug is sent for labeling, packing and it’s off!

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