How Much To Order

Before placing your order, the first step of the process is determining the square footage of the space you are covering. Please refer to the following recommendations:


  • Measure the height and width of your wall in feet. Round your measurements up. We recommend increasing the results by 15%.
  • Multiply the two measurements. You have calculated the square footage.


  • Now that you have your square footage, refer to the square foot dimensions below to determine how many panels you will need to cover the square footage of your area.
  • All our Removable Panels are: 2' x 4' or 8 Square Feet
  • For instance, if you are covering a 89 square foot space, you would need 12 Removable Panels.  A 54 square foot space would need 7 Removable Panels.

If you have questions regarding how many panels to order, email us at

Be sure to include the measurements (width & height in feet or inches) of each wall you would like to cover and the design you want, so we can properly assist you in ordering.